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I asked my son why the face in the oicture with my grandaughter Mara gGRace He said it was the making faces game can you fill me in anyone do not know this game ??

a freind a day after open heart surgery 45 years married special I used to live near them and walk by their artistic home

Do you know this crazy creature??why it's the flapjack octopus new to me

Today I was again pre scammed - don't any of these people work??

In the past year I've had an employment scam to get info to sell to someone --data collectors/

and the latest is send me money to transport your puppy 

Actually it scares me the number of dishonest people in the world today .I'm wondering were they out there when I was younger or did I just not see clearly ??

I receive often letters of lawsuits from people procuring and using e signatures , the latest was  e data and they owe me or ?Century Link 150 by attaching an esignature onto my bill for a monthly fee??If only these people would use their minds for good 

Today's flowers-- getting the liquid fertilizer ready !! Calico Vine Florida

Gardenias started blooming this week however I share another part of my yard

Camera Critters - on Easter a fellow blogger shared this great photo with me

some years ago she went to pound and brought home this lucky guy. Since then they have paraded, skied, and hiked and walked together  oh and canoed..He is lucky and so is she //

Camera Critters and Pets forever Extras

Camera Critters Miscellaneous Animal Fun

My cat passed on 2 weeks ago and I feel so lonely although I have other pets, but I rescued a dog a cold night in January, advertised and nothing. I felt sure that dog   was forever mine . Three months later a friend saw him and  took him. He is no longer Flirty but Mr. Rock ..Farewell Flirty Mr. Rock have a great life and he lives nearby.A fenced in yard, golf cart to ride , and grandkids to play with and a bunkmate to sleep with..

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extras

I must move on from death of my beloved cat -0 Each time gets harder not easier  sigh

Thursday 13-- re creating old photos great gift idea- These people re create earlier photos for us I laughed so hard

You know those embarrassing childhood photos everyone has? Whether they involve hideous Halloween costumes, or being completely butt-naked in your kitchen sink, now’s the time to recreate them! Everyone’s doing it!

Such fun I want to do it !!

Making fun Time

For many years I was the stiff  responsibility laden individual- I wish I had that time back , more time to play with my son etc. We just have to make fun time and now I make a lot 

 This can be a good time to remind yourself that being human need not be a wholly serious enterprise. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that people respond more positively to you when you address them playfully rather than authoritatively. Opportunities to enjoy yourself can present themselves to you today葉aking advantage of them will likely help you relax and unwind.

Since so much of what we strive for is serious in nature, it is easy to become locked into a pattern of formality that finds quarter in our everyday experiences. However, recreation and relaxation deserve to be represented in the lives we lead as much as work and ambition. To accomplish this, we must make playtime a priority, even during busy periods. Our quality of life increases measurably as we integrate leisure activities into our eve…

unique look

Earth Day may well be one of my favorite days of the year. I have always respected her and loved her on this journey as I pass through . she has brought me enormous joy

I salute you oh glorious earth !!

We are covered today and every day

memory food - did you know?

what a tree

Today's flowersI've been thinkin ghow next year I'd like to put red roses and ivy on the tree in water tubes. I've used poinsettias before

My niece Olivia in a field of wild hyacinth near Philadelphia in Bucks county Kingsbridge

Camera Critters time for your Easter bonnet everyone

camera Critters and Pets always extra

 no thanks I prefer dogs and cats as pets

                                                    I love and miss you Tandy

Camera Critters big time cleaning waterless

Camera Critters - I am missing my cat so much

Though I knew it was coming , the pain is too too sharp, feels like a huge part of me is gone

Camera Critters Pets Forever Extras

I have to read over and over

I miss my girl sooooooooooo

Thursday 13- Every year I get rid of more and more- donate, give to family , I live a minimalist life

Traits of a minimalist***

 stop buying unnecessary

toss half your stuff - you do not need it all

learn peace in contentedness

reduce half your things AGAIN

List 4 big essentials in your life and do these first 

Stop doing non essential things

Clear your desk and life of distractions 

Focus and live in the moment  , memorize it 

let go of attachment to doing and having !!

Fall in love with less

See how  lovely objects in your home stand out more with less around them 

remove clutter in every room

Will this food add fuel to my life ??

(Think how much easier cleaning will be ??)

“Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.” —Will Rogers

The average American home size has doubled in the past 50 years. Still10% of households rent offsite storage and 25% of homeowners with two-car garages can’t park cars in them. 76% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. And the average US household credit card debt stands at$15,191.

Can you keep a secret??

I can ..

Your trustworthiness equals  secret keeping at times .As you are likely in a diplomatic mood, you may feel little need to share others' secrets with those who approach you for confirmation of confidential information. The individuals most important to you will no doubt come to appreciate your tact, and they may even grow increasingly comfortable confiding in you as a result. You can honor the faith others place in you today by abiding by it when you feel tempted to let slip those secrets that seem comparably unimportant.

Your discretion is precious in that it allows you to serve as a confidant to those who care about you even when the information you receive could be valuable to you in other ways. Many people find the temptation to tell others' secrets too strong to resist and lose loved ones as a result of their unbridled gregariousness. We can be sure that we do not suffer a similar fate by endeavoring to be as trustworthy as possible when we find ourselves on the rec…

I miss my cat so very very much

Things I adore- positivity

I made hundreds this weekend fresh strawberries encased in yogurt and frozen

I never tire of watching this and the smiles it brings

Today's Flowers spring bouquets everywhere