Saturday, August 17, 2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

New Thursday13-13 recent happies

1-The rain is  so beautiful  that  I never notice the  heat.

2-Recently a student and I relocated to a new home  across the state of Florida 2 spaniel mixes that a friend could no  longer keep -here they are in their new home where mom does not work 12-14 hr days .

3- Great film and book-
The Art of Racing in the Rain

4- Am getting better at dealing with so much disappointment in my personal life and home apres storm.

5-The older I get the less  faith I have in big pharma and western medicine leaning towards faith and holisitics ..

6-A former student with a bright college future  had an horrific accident, and  despite odds is recovering!!!-

-7- I recieve so much  joy daily  from nature

8-A  son  wrote to me of his mother's untimely death, "I shall take up her occupation as a tribute to her "

9 My son,Cade  sends me the most hilarious photos ,if his hair is unruly he'll post " help me with this DNA!!"

10- My sister retired from a job she loved at age 71 !1So lucky to have jobs we adored**

11-My blessings are way too many to count .

12-I swore off ice cream but love it too much
13-My granddaughter left Mara Grace turns 17!!!

bonus my new dog "Joyous"

My new Euro Italian greyhound

looking for names -which are Italian-ready set and go -male ?/suggestions all