Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New Thursday 13 -13 things i adored this week and probably always

II have hummingbirds right outside my window never tire of watching
funny phrases that keep me singing all day
great memories of lunch with my grandmother,shopping for anything 
coaches that really care, family sacrifices  a grand game
for shopping a gift card reward  and above new stamps wild orchids
photos of castles
lovely winter scenes
flowers always
my son Cade

My granddaughter   Mara Grace going off to college to be a research scientist

a Euro Italian greyhound I have wanted my entire life , gift from a family of 9 -Nico Giggio Amore

A neighbor who brought me medicinal cat food because it is painful for me to drive

a friend who picked up my vegetables and dropped off as she drove by to other coast

A mother and friend who lost her own daughter but always wants to help me

Ah yes 2020 behold the many blessings !!