Saturday, April 22, 2017

Camera Critters Friends share their critters

 I lost my 20   year old Italian Greyhound  Vonni Karrina , last of a line of 11, (
Pinky my 20 yr old cat  is my super friend now )
 Daisy belongs to a friend in NC.  roams many acres - here are her special places/

   Friend's daughter turned 18  here she is with friends
 I lost my 20   year old Italian Greyhound  Vonni Karria , last of a line of 11, (looking for a seal grey if anyone sees none )_ this week.She loved all animals   so here are a few  and especially  she loved Pinky .

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Camera Critters from many friends

 Daisy in NC and new friend
 Jaidee trying horses at 8 months
 My favorite dog in Latvia I want so badly and his little guy
 Aslyn learned to rope also
 My botanist friend opened his field map here in Fl, deluged by frogs
 Aslyn is a competing cowgirl at 4
owl at dusk on water

I am grateful for all

Thursday, April 13, 2017

13 things that made me smile broadly this past week

 Bows on bunnies will do it
 smiling sheep  make ME smile
 quokkas always

 ambitious  dogs

not a partridge in a pear tree a teddy in a cherry

My friend takes little nieces and nephews out to  explore in the woods in Germany - sheep costumes make it more fun
Former students newest daughter 8 months is so so social--so cute

A line from a movie this week-"Your dancing is so wild and free,, it reminds me of an unmanned fire hose"


I am grateful fOR productivity though very lazy