Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Thursday 13 - 13 glimpses of a little cowgirl and rodeo competitor Ashlynn age 4

 Grandad competing weekly ( weekdays a Dept of Justice employee)
 Ashlyn age 4 looking on

 in ring going ROUND BARRELS

 sister Jaidee 8 months  Could she be next? boots say yes

Granddaughter of a friend who leads her in ring  and is a competitor himself

Friday, July 7, 2017

Camera Critters friends share

 In Lexington. Ky my friend  pulled back the coleus to weed and found this lovely sight  which she never touched .beautiful
 Ryan came to visit his grandmother here in Sebring,Fl.Her new dog seems to love him
My friend makes these wreaths every year of  horseshoes and old cowboy boots in NC. However she can not take it down this year , the boot is chirping !!??you might see mama she has a nest

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thursday 13 - randoms

My former student's 8 month old daughter - interesting  clothing choice but she is like a little flower child and attune to her mother..Her name is Cypress.
My friend gave me this plant and said it is tobacco ,.I said no and went to work asking botanists what it was 

I thought it was a fig

I was wrong .It is a bellyache plant- oh goody