Sunday, July 24, 2016

Today's flowers growing up favorites from Wva farm


 new variety sunflower
 wildflower median
 North Carolina wildflower shed decorations
 wild azalea

Thursday, July 21, 2016

13 Events, Conversations, Sights etc that made me happy this week .

I have not  elaborated but experienced  a great  deal of loss of late  in the last  year .I cannot keep up with grief which just keeps pouring in  like a rain spout that will not stop dripping,6 family members, 4 pets ,and 2 great friends all in the last year.

I find myself centering thoughts on sights , sounds, words, kindnesses that  wil propell me through the days with a smile at least for awhile.

1- A little hummingbird fights the rain and wind to stop by my swinging hummingbird feeder.The glory of nature always  massages my heart.That tiny propeller winged bird shows me perseverance as I too am climbing an enormous hill to relocate.

2- My son's visit so short but fun was a welcome hiatus in an impossibly sad and brutally hot summer.

3-My autistic student asking for me .

4-The hope to reunite with my granddaughter and son on my birthday in late September.

5-Gentle soothing rains on the parched ground nurturing my flowers.

6- Friends who did favors for me while I was ill.

7- A friend who sent early birthday money because she knew I needed it for a new air conditioner and those who volunteered in this brutal heat to put it in !!
8- This picture reminding me of my goals to have my own secret gardens and fairy castles someday ..

9- My pets ever loyal but not the love of the others

10- vegetables to juice

11- Getting well from illness from a weakened immune system, really cut back

12- Words of encouragement on facebook

13- Never ever giving up my dreams
so enchanting those hedgies

I am grateful \caring though it hurts too much sometimes