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Today's Flowers Still no memory card so my favorite next to musical notes is honeysuckle other plants trying to push it out but and the red passion flower

Camera Critters and Pets Forever Humor

Camera Critters and Pets Forever dear sweet Pharoah and the ladies in waiting Pinky and Kissipurr

Camera Criters an old old girl Chiara just turned 21

She sometimes forgets and just starts barking about nothing.canine.senility I guess but she never misses the pad I have for her old eyes and smeller.And she eats like a trooper.

Camera Critters and Pets Always Humor

Let me tell you this is how I smell my flowers

unusual photo of a whistler and oriole at the park

Thursday 13 From The Knot magazine 13 weirdest wedding gifts this year 2013

1“Halloween themed nutcrackers, they are skeletons dressed as a bride and groom.”

2"A hurricane evacuation backpack full of MREs (meals ready to eat), first-aid kit, ponchos, etc."

(kind of cool really)

3"A pink can opener with the word 'love' on it."

4"Boxers with money in them."

5"A check that bounced.”

6“A pet goat… she is now family.”

"7=24 double rolls of toilet paper."

8"Octopus-shaped baster."

 9"A high-heeled shoe cake server."

"10A cat suit."

11“My husband and I received a nude painting... and I'm not talking about a fine art piece either.”

12"A book that a friend of mine had written and dedicated to me alone, not my husband (he apparently has a large crush on me)...very stalkerish."

13“Ghost hunting equipment.”

A prayer answered. Jim is home

3 months ago, this vice principal and my dear friend Jim 66 was on his way home 4 blocks away when a car cut in front of him, and he was immediately changed forever. His red corvette was sliced in half and all over the highway. the lady he hit died instantly . I knew both. Immediately the school started a prayer vigil with the signs" we believe "everywhere. It has been a very long haul and he is finally coming home, not entirely whole  due to brain damages but is doing more daily . It is a miracle of faith, drs, and  the will to live for his only little grandson..
God bless you Jim always .

Imposter I see!!

This could slow up your week

I need this article now and love it I have a toxic friend who buys me expensove things then is ugly over and over

PrintReprinted from Positively Positive a great article As wellness seekers, we’re constantly looking for ways to find harmony on our plates, in our bodies, and throughout our lives. Yet sometimes, that harmony comes from making tough decisions about our relationships. Some folks boost our energy reserves. Others drain us dry. In reality, we each have choices. We get to decide whom we allow into our inner sanctum (the space where our spirits replenish, our hearts lower their walls, and our being renews). Not everyone deserves an all-access pass. That’s why today’s post is a meditation on moving on. Gracefully ending a challenging situation might just be what the doctor ordered.
Life has a much bigger plan for you. Happiness is part of that plan. Health is part of that plan. Stability is part of that plan. Constant struggle is not. While I’m not a breakup expert, I’ve done it many times, and it’s been done to me. Friends, boyfriends, fianc├ęs (yes, I’ve had a few), work relationships, …

My week is upside down already traveling many miles each day

a skirt I justt bought =,too wonderful

Have a great vacation !!

Finally able to hire a new maid

Mixed Emotions

I have just tutored AN 18 year old in  Am History and English so that he could join the Marine Corps....his dream..With lots of work he passed. 2 A's.I miss him terribly . His former Marine dad, now a deputy took him and the family to Pensacola to beach with relatives and have one last hurrah  before shipping out

to Boot Camp..

I want to hold him even though it is his dream..Somewhere in side I fear for him, so young  and small of stature.He's lived in Berlin, China , and Egypt and wants to see the world.I'm proud of our work together all the cooperation and the thanks they gave me..but I still want to hold him here in  young person's land.........

I'm job searching

  The fact of the matter IS I KNOW WHAT I'm GOOD At BUT THAT IS NOT AVAILABLE .Feelings of frustration can overtake you today, leading you to wonder if you are indeed fit to pursue your ambitions. You may feel you are progressing too slowly or too quickly, so you will likely find that you feel uncomfortable with the goal-realization process. Whether your mood is one of impatience or one of anxiety, you can relieve your discomfort by asking yourself whether you have maintained unrealistic expectations regarding your pace. You may come to realize today that you have been working against the forward flow of the universe. Once you reenter it, you will likely feel attuned to your proper pace.

Frustrations surrounding the pace at which we progress toward our goals can often be attributed to the fact that we are not moving in accordance with the universal flow. Impatience and fear can both play a role in this type of inability to let ourselves be pulled along by the current. Yet we disco…

Today's Flowers - in years past orchid trees now and then , this year continuous an added blessing

Camera Critters and Pets Always - my sweet Zvi all shaven for summer

Camera Critters and Pets Forever Humor

The death of a flamingo-Camera critters my memory card is empty all I could take this week

 My wonder boy Pharoah eata one of his friends

Camera Critters and Pets Always Humor