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Today's flowers blooming now

Friends share with me

 why I adore italian greyhounds, my last one failing fast
 seasonal look
 italian  greyhound searching for food apres Thanksgiving
 Latvian breeder of orientals
 my best friend's dog did not make it to  the little bed too tired
 new italian greyhound bonds with another m0ther the cat
Lauren's new dog Molly Peasley

Camera critters extras

13 pictures, ideas ,thoughts that positively moved me thankful for all- Have a glorious Thanksgiving !!


lofty goals

my granddaughter at 14
a tomato blooms and bears fruit in a  crack on the roadway  perseverance
Exaggerations from our youth hahah
the greatest  school idea- take away Halloween masks and instead  honor books kids loved to read- look at this special  girl beaming and sharing her book-fantastic

supermoon in Germany and England
favorite song growing up  Perry Como
in my backyard

Today's Flowers Bauhinia Orchid trees prolific

Camera Critters - from friends

My friend Sean is a high school counselor in a small town where I'd like to move.This photo of him and his dog out jogging is all I love about him, freedom and pets and the  specialness of a small town morning ..relaxing and free, and peaceful..

Camera Critters and Pets Always Extras

Things I never tire of

- Holidays no matter how rough life is

-Squeals of little children

-my pets running to me -

-Seeing family

- the face when a child learns

- birds speaking to me all day  from early morning onward

- flowers and trees

-smiles for all reasons

-that feeling of a dream realized



Hallmark movies

-feeling good   and acts of kindness

holiday extras