Thursday, November 24, 2016

13 pictures, ideas ,thoughts that positively moved me thankful for all- Have a glorious Thanksgiving !!


lofty goals

my granddaughter at 14
a tomato blooms and bears fruit in a  crack on the roadway  perseverance
Exaggerations from our youth hahah
the greatest  school idea- take away Halloween masks and instead  honor books kids loved to read- look at this special  girl beaming and sharing her book-fantastic

supermoon in Germany and England
favorite song growing up  Perry Como
in my backyard


  1. What a beautiful Thursday Thirteen! Sweet, funny, adorable and majestic, all. The Perry Como's song is one of my favorite ones, too.

  2. I totally missed the Super Moon this year. Great shots of it.

  3. Wow, the eagle in your backyard is glorious! And what's wit the dogs and sticks, eh? Have a happy holiday.


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