Thursday, November 17, 2016

Things I never tire of

- Holidays no matter how rough life is

-Squeals of little children

-my pets running to me -

-Seeing family

- the face when a child learns

- birds speaking to me all day  from early morning onward

- flowers and trees

-smiles for all reasons

-that feeling of a dream realized



Hallmark movies

-feeling good   and acts of kindness


  1. We can never have too many acts of kindness.

  2. birds, children and sunshine. Top 3.

  3. Seems like there is too little kindness in the world these days. Sadly, hate crimes have risen exponentially in the past week here in the US -- a sign of things to come? :( My T13

  4. Kindness is something that is in abundance where my girls all live. And in some neighborhoods near me, too.


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