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Make this a special Monday !!

For sure

Today' Flowers- transplanted 60 Plumerias this color this week to friends !! This is my main flower 15 ft tall

Camera Critters - the elder gang 15-19-20 Lovey the cat, Vonni and Chiara

Camera Critters and Pets Always Extras

Camera Critters

Camera Critters and Pets Always Humor and other

Some are saying Gators will win March Madness what do you think???

uh oh beware

Thursday 13- 13 tips to please yourself

1 Stop trying to please others    

2 Communicate clearly

3 Do not talk yourself down

4  Stop doing  things you do not want to do

5- Trust your instincts

6-Follow your inspirations**

7- Do not be afraid to say  NO

8- Do not be afraid to say YES

9- Be good to yourself

10.-Say what you really mean

11-Keep the faith always , no matter how dark the days get , how big the problems( Say to yourself I still have faith )

12- do something special for you  everyday , me time, a special bath , a special food treat, alone time with a book or YOUR music, pick yourself some flowers - YOU -you  all about celebrating you .

13. Be grateful,treasure each and every day , at the end of it be thankful for something no matter how badly the day went ,it could be your last !?

some of these it took me a lifetime to practice religiously **by the way  stare at the header for a minute   the cards-- it's a cinemagragh!! 

a delicious treat - fresh strawberries rolled in yogurt and frozen

so interesting

maybe so

For sure


Today's flowers I have white hyacinths but I saw a variegated bouquet of all colors of roses this week

Camera Critters - my friend Robert found twins in the Spring sun pf our pond a block away wheeeee

Camera Critters and Pets always Humor

Camera Crittrs - as we scatter seeds we see more and more of these teaching their babes how to hunt and a few pet reminders I love

***  picture above by Barbara Bowen I have several myself but loved her colors !!

Camera Critters and Pets Always Humor

Things I adore - lovely book covers

Fridays and Pies and giraffes go forth and multiply

Thursday 13- 13 cinemagraghs + bonuses Enjoy

So the animated GIF  gives you a photo that moves entirely or almost entirely  but the cinemagragh  only moves in accentuated places..To the artist's eye those places are where the emphasis should be . Some black and white photos are almost impossible to detect.Subtlety is the key. I've included my favorites here in this rather new field...I suppose my all time  fav is" He loves me 2012"or maybe  the tomatoes ..How about you ??