Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday 13- 13 lunches - An enterprising dad makes each day fun(he is a graphic artist)

((**I must admit whether it was in my trendy  square Howdy Doody lunchbox or the paper sack later, we had such a frugal existence that anything my mom put in a homemade cookie  - fried baloney and cheese sandwich with mustard, cheese sandwich, orange ,  whatever was always a great surprise and treat, but this child has a double surprise daily !!

A  riddle is fun to slip in lunchbox
banana peanut butter and honey  yummity yum yum 

Things I adore a rescued pup who now loves me and resp0nds please God give us a good home

I am grateful for competitionThis week we play our biggest rivals- plus we enter the District Competition among schools

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Truer than you could ever imagine- how sad I was driviing home end of year

Defense Mechanisms a learned behavior can be unlearned

We can let go of our defense mechanisms when we are ready to be truly honest with ourselves.

We all have defense mechanisms that we’ve developed over time, often without being aware of it. In times of trouble, the behaviors that have worked to get us past challenges with the least amount of pain are the ones that we repeat; even when part of us knows they no longer work. Such behavior is a natural response from our mental and physical aspects. But because we are spiritual beings as well, we have the ability to rise above habits and patterns to see the truth that lay beyond. And from that moment on, we can make choices that allow us to work directly from that place of truth within us.

When we feel ourselves tensing up , we can say a little mantra let go , let God, or You are ok ..or whatever works for you !!

Most of our defense mechanisms were developed in childhood; from the moment that we realized crying would get us the attention we craved. Passive aggressive ways of communicating may have allowed us to get what we needed without being scolded, punished or laughed at, so we learned to avoid being direct and honest. Some of us may have taken refuge in the lives of others, discovering ways to direct attention away from ourselves entirely. Throwing ourselves into projects or rescuing others from themselves can be effective ways to avoid dealing with our own issues. And when people are truly helped by our actions, we get the added bonus of feeling heroic. But while defenses can keep away the things we fear, they can also work to keep our good from us.

When we can be honest with ourselves about what we truly desire, then we can connect our desires to the creative power of the spirit within us. Knowing that we are one with the energy of the universe allows us release any need for defense. Trusting that power, we know that we are exactly where we are meant to be, and that challenges bring gifts of growth and experience. When we can put down arms raised in defense, then we are free to use our hands, minds, hearts and spirits to mold and shape our abundant energy to create and live our lives.

Things I adore - my girls in a tournament

I am grateful for a busy week today helping a friend

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday 13 or maybe I'll call it -13 degrees Probably one of my favorite posts ever- what happens to a bubble throughout a night of below freezing temperatures

Various phases of a simple bubble that freezes during the night- Quite a great science experiment

                                                      Becoming ice and crystallizing
                                                                 crystal bubble
                                                                                almost gone

                                          Somehwere near dawn, the bubble begins to break like glass

                                                                           Let's begin

 Inside the crystal bubble

                                                              A scientific wonder

* I blew a bubble into the air, and there it changed into another thing of beauty - a crystal orb