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Taken on a cold Florida day down the street!!


As is always the case, holidays have gone by too fast.I am facing so many problems in 2013. I do not know where to start.But as always is the case , I met a dear dear old friend yesterday whose life is much worse.It reminded me that I am indeed my brother's keeper either in prayer or otherwise and I can be stronger for them.

Meanwhile I'll face my  situations one by one but they are mounting- have on hold for the holiday  but....the piper is coming...

Something so strange about writing the last date of the year isn't it .so final..

The rare yellow orchid blooming now - Today's Flowers

Camera Critters Whenever we go out , Jenna llammee always pretends to be hiding

 I find it very funny !!

Pets Always a weird circle dance

Serious issues with Zvi tonight  probably because I was away so long 10 hrs.

Our boys finished second in a fabulous tournament last 3 days - met so many fine people , kids polite and wonderful sports is great !!

Pets always - my granddaughter finally got a dog aftere many years of waiting - Jolie from NC

sleepy such a long trip
no more show ring lovely Jolie
driving 8 hours back to Pa

I want to be there and cuddle her so badly it's killing me 

Camera Critters highlighting my little students and their dogs

Anthony and Nahjee have 4 pets the one that loves me the most is COOKIE pictured here!!

Camera Critters and Pets always humor

Thursday 13 13 Highs of my holiday season

1- My little students loved their Family Happy Meal tickets

2 My granddaughter got the dog she has been wanting for 5 years finally a great match

3 My car is so shiny and clean!!

4 My Christmas trees still look and smell sensational

6- I stayed relatively healthy

7- The high school basketball tournaments are great fun with so many polite talented young people It's mind boggling really how many special kids there are!!

8-Though economically unsound , fun to have a few days just for me

9-I got some terrific after Christmas sale items (cards) for a bargain price!!Thank you Walgreens,Hallmark and Ebay

10-I got intriquing ornaments from friends for fututre decorating years.

11--I ate too many sweets but stopped short of gorging myself

12 Christmas TV programs and movies  top notch !!

13 I was not as lonely as I thought I might be without my son and family who went to NC.

This is my dog Zvi aRussian Wolfhound or Borzoi My back is out today but boy I'd love to sleep like this !!

Friends I met in the park Christmas Day

Things I like a mutual love affair

The fact that my granddaughter is so happy with her new doggy friend Jolie

Granddaugher celebrates in North Carolina and 4 other posts

My granddaughter Mara Grace 11 seems to have had a splendid Christmas in NC but the gem was daddy saying he was going to  meet with friends and instead introducing her to her new dog Grandy helped with**

in a parking lot in Ocala ahhah

Christ the Savior is Born

Meet the students I talk about

 I am tightly golding  Santa's hand   I'm lonely  Nahjee won a Science Award
 Nahjee and me
 Sally and me   what no boys??

 work with about a dozen deputies here Sergeant Porter
 Deputy Nugent
 Ciera and I together 5 years  I resume again the 30th