Wednesday, September 18, 2019

13 things I'm grateful for today

1- My friend besides giving Me a huge  6ft dolphin with scuba glasses to hang on porch  gifted  me a dream dog ,a euro Italian greyhound whom I love so much .He adds so much spunk and joy to every day .I've tentatively named him Gigio,  gift from God.

2.My car 3,000 miles new was running rough between 20-40 mph .This week when a tire blew out on  railroad track, we discovered  when replaced and balanced the ride is super again .It was a defective tire bubbled on inside.How splendid to ride smoothly again!

3-I'm not a techno whiz but will work and try to fix things when I cannot my techno friend steps in *camera and phone fixed)

4- Instead of popular well-heeled cheerleader types getting selected for homecoming, my former tutored girl ,adopted hard worker was picked also a Mexican laborer's daughter.Kids are so much wiser than adults  at times.

5- I spoke up for myself when someone was being rude and insensitive ,made her angry but ..

6- I had an eye infection and felt I could not drive so a lovely former student drove

7-2 former students  told me recently   that I saved them when they wanted to end it all.Kindness and understanding goes a long way -may be my legacy/

8- Taking treatments to help my health, got a loan to do so

9-Hired a helper for areas I cannot reach any longer

10-=Today is my 76th birthday !!Illnesses hurricanes and loving life!!

11-Breezes tropic though  they be indicate fall is coming!!

12-Crafts and artwork , balanced with house work very

13-This day , this moment, breathing in, and out with Faith.
me  as the phantom 20 years ago Halloween teaching English in HS


  1. A six foot dolphin with glass would make me happy too! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a blessing to have (openly) grateful former students. Live it up!

  3. Happy birthday! I am so happy things are looking up for you.

  4. Happy Birthday! I love your positive outlook. You go!


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