Saturday, March 25, 2017

Camera critters-friends sharing critters ph0tos which I love

 Tiggy rides a sheep in Wales
 Allie from Latvia has Zemira and Ergolash

 2 brand new colts in Arcadia , fl

 In NJ Father Danny's new cat Eddie is an explorer
 Bringing the skiers to the lodge Colorado
 In Fletcher NC looks posed but not in Ginny's yard -not phased by the owl decoy
Spring Break in north Fl yields this wonderful photo
 Daisy may or may not like snow in NC
 baby goat loving , Frostproof , Fl

another beauty in N fl  not here in South

Thursday, March 16, 2017

13 Thursday - Irish sayings

Níl leigheas ar an ngrá ach pósadh
There is no cure for love other than marriage

Tuigeann Tadhg Taidhgín.
Big Tadhg understands little Tadhg=Like understands like.

Galar gan náire an tart.
Thirst is a shameless disease. (When you're in need of a drink.)

Níor bhris focal maith fiacail riamh. 
A good word never broke a tooth.

An té is mó a osclaíonn a bhéal is é is lú a osclaíonn a sparán.
The one who opens his mouth the most, it is he who opens his purse the least. (Often used in a pub setting for someone who is talking a lot and not buying their round of drinks- a mortal sin in Ireland!)

Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón.
Many a time a man's mouth broke his nose. (Your mouth can get you into a lot of trouble.)

Is minic a ghearr teanga duine a scornach.
It is often a person's tongue cut his throat. (What you say can get you into a lot of trouble.)

Ní chaitheann an chaint an t-éadach.
Talk doesn't wear the clothes. (Talk doesn't get the work done.)

Ní scéal rúin é ó tá a fhios ag triúr é.
It is not a secret after three people know it.

Inis do Mháire i gcógar é, is inseoidh Máire dó phóbal é.
Tell it to Mary in a whisper, and Mary will tell it to the parish. (Women like to gossip)

Is teann gach madra gearr i ndoras a thí féin.

Every terrier is bold in the door of its house. (People can be full of brave talk when near home but not so confident when out of their comfort zone)

Ná bíodh do theanga faoi do chrios.

Don't keep your tongue under your belt. (Say what you want to say.)

I am grateful for juicing and health it brings