Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday 13 - 13 owl pictures I have taken or my friends some local--ps went over 13 gave you some bonuses

My dear  friend  who passed loved owls, I got a few of hers  in my garden,but  here today  are some of her photos  and a few I took locally  enjoy !!


  1. Such big eyes! I like the one with the eyes closed.

    Hugs on your loss.

  2. These are all beautiful and interesting, but my favorite is the white-feathered owl who is tipping her head. To me, it looks like she's laughing.

  3. What the who-eck! I feel like I'm being watched. They can be imposing or so cute.

    1. That's what I was thinking! " cute! I never realized baby owls could be so---HOLY MOTHER OF $@#&! THAT THING WANTS TO KILL ME!! LOL! I love the one that's totally camouflaged in the tree trunk hole.

  4. I've never been near enough to an owl for a photo. Congrats on catching the snap!

  5. Awwww...lovely post. cute owls, makes me want to have one.

  6. Instagram has several Owls only forums, and the one I like the best is Ethical Owls. There are a TON of owl photos there. At home, here, we've had a pair of Barn Owls that hunt at night. Amazing to see them, though mostly we only hear them.


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