Wednesday, June 7, 2017

13 at randoms - there's a story there !

 Mirror glazed cakes mostly Russian Make your own mirror glaze: Ingredients
• 4x 0.35 oz. (10g) gelatin sheets
• 1 bowlful chilled water
• 4.22 oz. (125ml) water
• 8 oz. (225g) granulated sugar
• 1.05 oz. (30g) sifted cocoa powder
• 5.3 oz. (150g) couverture chocolate
• 2.25 oz. (65ml) heavy cream
1. Place the gelatin sheets in an empty bowl.
2. Fill the bowl with water to cover the gelatin sheets. Leave them to soak.
3. In the meantime, place 4.22 oz. of water in a pan and bring to a boil. Add the granulated sugar and heat to 220°F. When it reaches that temperature (check with a cooking thermometer), remove from the heat.
4. Add the couverture chocolate and whisk until the mixture takes on an even consistency, then follow this up by adding the cocoa powder. Carry on whisking until everything is nice and even.
5. Next, add the heavy cream to the mixture and whisk.
6. Leave the mixture to cool down to 140°F, and then add the water-soaked gelatin sheets. Ensure that you remove any excess water on the sheets before placing in the mixture.
7. Pour the mixture through a sieve into a jug.
8. Use a hand blender to stir the mixture so that the gelatin blends in as smoothly as possible.
9. Leave the mixture to cool to 85°F.
10. Once the mixture has cooled, take your chilled cake and place it on an inverted cake tray. Ideally the cake tray should be of smaller dimensions than the actual cake. Pour the glazing mixture onto it evenly, and use a spatula to ensure you cover the exposed underside.
11. Allow a few hours for the glazing to set on the cake.
12. Decorate as desired. too much work for me
 My golden Yancey Rose Sundance turning 3
 close to my house
 Cade's Cove NC this week- My son's name is Cade
 Unique species hatched here!!!
 Acting students  pranked their hs teacher by filling room with balloons .I love her sitting at desk.Her sister is dying so I was happy to see the levity  to ease her thoughts.

 knitting on etsy of a tiny egg and kiwi bird

largest cat I found in Melbourne  , Australia   8 ft long


  1. Now that's a fat cat and the little bird is smaller than life.

  2. Lots of interesting images. I like dark purple color of the jello glaze. It reminds me of the Queen of Night tulips I grew this spring.

  3. Wow. Lots of intriguing images. I wonder what it is that connects them . . .

  4. Just the shot in the arm I needed this week. All very cool! Thanks

  5. That mirror shine glaze looks awesome! I don't know if I could make it. I feel like I would screw it up. But it looks cool! Enjoyed your images.


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