Thursday, March 2, 2017

13 water sculptures -thinking of my friend away in Germany , my friend makes so many creative of her own- I want her to fashion for me someday

got a favorite??


  1. Marvelous! My fave is Stilles Vasser; the simplicity of the standing woman w/ water spilling from on hand to the other...Great stuff; though I'm crazy about the wings as well. THNKS!!!

  2. These make me happy. Love the skirt and the wings. The Lady in the Lake is funny.

  3. That gives new meaning to "water wings". I love the skirt/tutu.

  4. Amazing. I love the one with the woman pulling the other woman from the water. These are pretty incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love, love. LOVE the woman with her hands in front of her, pouring water from one to the other and then upon the ground.

    Happy Thursday 13!


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