Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday 13- 13 famous people with high IQs..I am famous hahah but did not make the list ,only average or slightly above haha

  135 and above is considered high , 80 low all listed  are  well above except 2  on  low end

  Nolan Gould , though he plays the weak brained Luke in Modern Family , his IQ is exceptionally high.

Arnold' the terminator' Schwarzenegger

Actor Matt Damon - very high

Mayim Bialik  -Big Bang  has the right girl  quite erudite

Michelle Obama  and Melania Trump

Alicia Keys

Reggie Jackson

Sharon Stone

Of course Bill Gates


Meryl Streep  Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster


The highest I could find   IN my reading, sure they must be  others,actor James Woods  184 Da Vinci 220

On the other end of the spectrum, George HW Bush   and Mohammed Ali  both  quite    **low??

All this info is readily compiled on internet  and a British article I recently read.They are not in any fact some of the highest are interspersed throughout .The slightly  above 120's picture was taken this week   AT my girls basketball senior night  hahah!!


  1. Intriguing. What is considered high?

  2. Ali was very smart but boxing did him no favors. I remember him in his Golden Gloves debut.
    Genius is 140 and up.

  3. I guess none of these really surprise me. My T13

  4. Wow. How interesting. I have always wondered what my IQ was but I don't know.


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