Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday 13 =nature photos that makes us think?/

 a flash inside a bubble atop a mushroom
 Terracing in China

 flowers at base of Mt fuji
 ice caves  under the SEA

 Yellow Springs
 Red Cliffs, Australia

 pink Lake Hillier,Australia
 clouds appear as hats  atop volcanoes
 heel of a hedgehog
 hot springs  terraces
 Smoking mushroom (I used to love to stomp on them and see blackpuffs??) This is not that

Canola oil anyone ??


  1. Wow. I love to be amazed. Are those cranberries? I thought they were UFOs on top of the mountain.

  2. These are all quite wonderful. Very lovely and indeed make you see how wonderful the world around us can be.


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