Saturday, October 1, 2016

Camera Critters - many updates from friends

 This is what Brian who was attacked 3 weeks ago by a wild dog looked like in the good old days ..He is improving , lots of draining and screaming.

 My cousin's bird dog turned 8 , rarely sitting

 My friend Jill in California adopts poodles from shelter becasue they make great therapy dogs in her office and better pals at home  Adele and Fuzzy
 My friend Jan  feels they may have room on the couch for 1 more rescue
 Former student alligator hunts every spring then puts on wall
my photo 2 years ago mounted at my friend's house in Mass. along with Buttons the cat who admires it hahha

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Mello got scared of buzz saws etc this week,was gone 2 days .I was so worried but he came bounding back -noise so hard on animals 6 weeks ...