Thursday, October 20, 2016

13 areas of interest to me this week

1- Last week someone  asked where do I get my lists for Thursday 13??Trying to stay out front   of dementia,I do layered thinking in trivia questions and tests, and research for my students and myself daily.Today I'm researching mysteries for 4th graders , and how to secure autographs of basketball teams- so the short answer - research**

2- I have a new little delayed 4th grade student  who is so so proud when we make progress .It is a wondrous thing to see and makes me feel so helpful as if I still matter in the educational field.

3- My autistic girl is adjusting beautifully to high school(I have tutored her 5 years)


I'm anxious to decorate stumps .

5-  I posted how to make an autumn tree on facebook,and my cousin who has
a cabin in he Poconos made one just like  I stated except hers is far prettier than the original-plastic pot, tomato wire holder, garland and lights

6-I recently met the  most talented woman on facebook through a mutual Italian greyhound group.This is her hobby -I'm entranced.
1 is a doll 1 is not
7-Many people try to tell me not to adopt pets  at my age,well this man has leukemia and his wife Alzeimers.They are always doing great things for me including  making me homemade soft meals and inviting me for Thanksgiving.He recently  went to our shelter and adopted this guy  who keeps  both of them thoroughly entertained .
My friend just won several wildlife photo awards and sold some of cardinals
- this  one she took in Georgia

9- My swimming season with high schoolers has come to a close #16 ,I had a marvelous time and volleyball could win 3rd  district championship tomorrow night .I'm excited. Homecoming was cancelled due to hurricane which missed us by 30 grateful miles.These girls will not win the regionals however.They lack strong discipline and a killer instinct.Some groups are like this.

10-My friend in California and I swore to write a gratitude journal all during  pre election.I'm just so  disgusted by the way some people trash talk to try to influence.Voting is one's conscience not  anothers. However I honor everyone's right to do whatever they like It's just not for me .I voted long ago  absentee ballot.As always too much money spent on campaigning.Makes me sick , our economy has been  poor for 10-12 years here and getting worse.We could use that money .Anyhow , we both have written journals daily and I've decided to take thankfulness all the way to Thanksgiving !!

11-This is a favorite photo
of my biggest dog and my smallest - a difference of 78 pounds Gingy 9 , and Zvi 10

12-some of my friends where I live

13- I talked to friends this week about when we all marched the 5 mile Forest Festival Parade in Elkins , Wva.This is not us but a real match for  us 56 years ago , starched white uniforms and crinolines, white polished boots and ugh LEG make up

14  a bonus - my how times have changed, got out of my car to go into a house with a client yesterday and my skirt fell off , my black and white voile  polka dot skirt ..geez it's only 40 years old - was not even slightly embarrassed


  1. Wow, I love your pictures (lots of creative images) and your story about the high school student you've tutored.

  2. love the photos, especially the eagles. I would give several tail feathers to have them that familiar with our area. Just elegant.

  3. I'm grateful for you research. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Eagles, eh? Lucky you. All we have left this time of year is crows

  5. Love those eagles. We have in the last few years seen one pass through, but it doesn't hang around. I think you are very special to keep teaching and working in spite of your health issues.


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