Saturday, September 17, 2016

Camera Critters- Seldom do I show negatives but this is about animal welfare

Brian the Llama was moved to a new field and almost immediately attacked by a big vicious unleashed dog whom cannot be  confiscated

because it was not a human he attacked ??Sad but large animal vet doing a great job  poor Bryan

Pictured  also the dog beaten by a Baylor student , who only missed 3 games and  dog was returned to him..speak up for animals.!!!


  1. Oh this is shocking! I hope the llama recovers.

  2. It is very bad, and there may be recourse, yet!
    In California, and maybe other states, if a dog attacks animals the owner of the animals can shoot and kill it. And, the owner has to PAY the bill for any livestock veterinarian bills. Ask me how I know.


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