Thursday, September 15, 2016

13 reasons I love my birthday Recent photo at Blackman Swim Meet - candid and new **

It's almost my  73rd birthday.Here are some reasons I love celebrating .

1- I still receive cards in the mail  ,started the 12th

2- I receive a plethora of wishes on facebook from relatives, acquaintances, former students and workers.

3- There are always some sort of surprises I did not expect and I adore surprises.

4- Welcome gifts - a friend gave me money to have an air conditioner installed.

5- Visit from my son and granddaughter

6- It reminds me  the date how blessed I am even though I  have a rough haul.

7-It's a way to assess what direction I must go , any procrastinating etc.

8- The day is so special - nothing can go wrong even if it does .

9- I love myself a lot that day **

10-I feel like fall is coming and many holidays are on the way

11-I(  feel so special   on this  natal day , so proud of my beginnings and travels  and journeys in life

12-Virgos Rule !!

13-  I know that 10 days later we shall celebrate my mother who is 94 ..


  1. Compared you, I'm a bahhumbug on my birthday. Have a GREAT one!

  2. You are older than I thought. Now I understand better how you could be losing so many loved ones in such a short time. I watched it happen to my grandmother and my mother. They outlived many friends.


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