Thursday, June 23, 2016

13 rose color meanings - some I did not know in the heading love- girlhood and purity

calm fertility nature- I saw lovely green bouquets in aldis Saturday
Double delight tea rose. The rule is that tea roses mean the person will always remember you.good going away gift 

Purple rose deep caring and passion- I once went to a funeral  of a teenaged boy with coffin covered in purple roses- royal rose richness and dignity .

alluring beauty , the dark rose red
Pink roses symbolize appreciation and admiration. Sometimes they convey a message of: 'please believe my true feelings about you'.
Blue rose not found in nature connotes mystery when created. Black death of a relationship. 

Friendship or just falling in love - red tipped yellow rose

Coral Rose is desire and passion

Usually for romantic love. A pink rose that has no thorns may mean you have loved this person ever since you met them. In other words, it is the flower of love at first sight. If it has thorns, a dark pink rose may convey appreciation, a thank you. 

Enthusiasm, fascination - like to meet you


beautiful roses photos

A yellow rose symbolizes friendship, of caring and light, joy and pleasure. It may signify new beginnings.
beautiful roses photos

The blue rose, as it is not found in nature, can be the rose of mystery, of the impossible, the mystical. A mystery.
beautiful roses photos

White roses serving as a bridal bouquet, are a good luck charm for happy love.
beautiful roses photos

A red tiger stripe rose, if single, means complete and total devotion. Six are for the love that requires cherishing and keeping. Eleven may mean deep, true love.While 13 are for secret admirers.


  1. Very cool, this language of the flower. Thanks!

  2. I came to stop and smell the roses. I love them but don't think roses should be green or blue!

  3. I didn't even know roses came in green. Frankly, all the meaning business is more than I want to deal with.


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