Saturday, April 16, 2016

Camera Critters 419-- Pictures of pets from friends

 3 years ago a little dog walked into Sandra and Tim's yard,puppies and love flourished
 Both the 700 pound and 800 pound alligators were near my home
 They named their new colt Blinky
 Fishing in Florida
 Guinea hens in SC at Sandra's house
 Bear rescued close by in a forest fire Ocala
 So many wild turkeys at Ginny's place in NC

 2 weeks new
How to remove the cat so you can build a flower garden


  1. We all love dogs, cats, brand new foals and cuddly bears but that alligator is just awesome. Magnificent beast. I'll send you a Barn Swallow if you mail me.

  2. Hello, I love the horses and all the birds. I would not want a gator near my yard. Cute bear cub. Great collection of critters.

  3. How interesting! Now you have me looking and thinking again. My favorite picture is of the dancing toddler though. She's adorable.


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Camera critters Ashlyn celebrating Cow Day and the dog meets the cat in the priests rectory, and my cat Handsome is 21 today !!

 careful meeting Handsome  has an eating and body condition and needs to be kept unstressed but a pretty good guy at 21 !!