Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday 13 - 13 views of Monasteries around the world - so far away from civilization to contemplate

KYE Monastery
 Built close to the sky, this structure sits at an altitude of 4,116 meters (13,500 feet), in Spiti Valley, India. Dating back to 1000 AD, it is a very popular religious destination for Buddhists. During its 1000 years, it has seen many attacks, (mostly by Mongols) but has survived them all. KYE Monastery
Madonna Del Sasso - This beautiful renaissance-style monastery can be found in
Locarno, Switzerland, where it brightens the view of
anyone visiting the town. It was consecrated in 1487 on the spot where, legends say, the Holy Virgin appeared before Brother Bartholomeo of the San Francesco Monastery 7 years prior.

 Monastery de St. Martin-This monastery lies in the South of France, on Canigou Mountain (near the Spanish border). This is one of the most incredible monuments in the area and has a history that goes back to the middle ages, the 11th century, to be exact. 

.It was built by the Count of Cerdanya as atonement for the murder of his own son. The monastery has been traditionally housed with Benedictine monks. 

Potala Palace TibetIn ancient legends, there is a sacred cave inside the palace which was used as a meditation retreat by the emperor during the 7th century AD.


 This monastery can be found on the South-West slope of Mount Athos in Greece. It is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. Built during the 14th century, it is considered as one of the most well organized cenobitic monasteries. It usually serves as a home for about 70 monks. In 1779, its walls were built and decorated.Grigoriou Monastery


You'll have to look way, way up to find this monastery, as it's located about 3000 meters off the ground, on a high cliff in Paro Valley, Bhutan. This is perhaps the most famous monastery in Bhutan. Hanging off a precipitous cliff at 3,120 meters (10,240 ft), about 900 meters (3,000 ft) above the Paro valley, The name 'Tiger's Nest' comes from a legend that a famous guru once flew over the Himalayas on the back of a tigress during the 7th century. He then proceeded to meditate in a cave for 3 months before leaving. This cave is where the monastery was built, and is said to be the origin of Buddhism in Bhutan. 


viotissa Monastery, AmorgosTo see this white and mysterious monastery, you will need to travel to the isles of Amorgos, in Greece. This beautiful island is the home of this famous monastery, built in the 11th century as an ode to the beauty of Panagia - the Virgin Mary, who is also the protector of this island.

 2 views of Thiksey in India
Yumbulagang, in Tibetan dialect, means 'Palace of mother and son'. The monastery was built over 2000 years ago, destroyed and rebuilt. The walls of this extraordinary monastery are adorned and painted with murals of the early history of Tibet. 


  1. Some are like cities in themselves. I like the one on the mountainside. I visited the bee hut in Ireland where the monks lived. They are stark in comparison to these.

  2. Amazing structures. Very beautiful, too.

  3. I've long wanted to visit Mont Saint-Michel in France. Some day... Mine

  4. I want to go visit them. All of them.

  5. I've said it before, and these marvelous photos force me to reiterate: I gotta get out more.

  6. Beautiful! I love old monasteries and these are just fascinating! Have a great week! ~Lori~


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