Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thirteen rare flowers - some only bloom one day year --passion flower depicting Christ on cross is in my yard**

 monkey orchid
 balloon flower
 my favorite

 my yard

 one night bloom - lawn men accidentally cut mine down

 love this
 true black


  1. Amazing series of flowers. You can almost imagine them in a prehistoric garden.

  2. Lady's Slippers are among my favorite wild flowers. I missed seeing them in 2014, but managed to visit the Arboretum at just the right time last summer. My T13

  3. I've never seen two colored lady slipper. I have balloon flowers in my summer gardens and they come back every year.

  4. There is some kind of stinking flower at the nearby university that only blooms every few years. A corpse flower, maybe? I know it is supposed to smell terrible. I enjoyed your photos - you can never go wrong with nature!

  5. Amazing. The beauty of nature is pure art.

    My humble 13:


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