Thursday, January 14, 2016

13 views of the artistry of Craig Allen

people running to their places in the picture

  perhaps by now  you see the people scurrying around to make performance art  for Mr. Allen. Actually  he painted all these people to make it look like performance within art. 
At a first glance, these celebrity portraits appear to have been created from aerial photographs of dozens of people. Take a closer look. The following portraits are actually a series of paintings, created by Atlanta-based artist Craig Alan, who painted each and every one of the tiny people - all with microscopic clothes, faces and shadows, together forming one spectacular portrait. Let's take a look at some of his intricate artwork.again  


  1. Those are people! I love that! I'd like to take part in one of his people painting but I guess you can only enjoy it from the top of a building or the sky.

    1. colleen they are paintings of people scurrying all around

  2. Ah! I see, they are. Even more cool.

  3. That is pretty intriguing. I love people's creativity.

  4. I never would have known without your explanation at the end. Wonderful!


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