Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thursday 13-- 13 fat burning foods - since leaving hospital I have gained a inordinate amt of weight sooooo!!

 Greek Yogurtyogurt. Greek yogurt contains higher than normal levels of protein, which stays in the stomach longer to keep you feeling full and satisfied. The protein not only suppresses your feelings of hunger, but your body burns more calories digesting protein than carbs. Try and buy the low-fat, low-sugar or non-fat renditions to maximize the fat-burning properties.

2. Quinoa
A grain that hails from dryer climates in South America, quinoa is a great way to get  carbs into your slimming diet. 
cinnamon3. Cinnamon

It's not secret that this popular and full flavor spice is one of the healthiest out there. Cinnamon is noted for its ability to stabilize the blood sugar, which could curtail appetite, especially in people with diabetes. 

4. Hot Peppers

You may not be a fan of hot peppers, but their fat burning qualities are remarkable. Hot peppers contain a compound called capsaicin that curbs your appetite and can speed up your metabolism for a short time.

5. Grapefruit
A favorite for a light breakfast or healthy snack, grapefruits do not actually burn fat, but are so filling that you are sure to feel satisfied for a few hours. 

6. Watermelon
A summertime treat, watermelons are high in sugar, but also water content so they take up more room in your stomach. When you eat enough watermelon, your body sends out signals that it can't take in any more food and you feel less hungry. But sugar and water aren't the only things watermelon has in store; it is rich in an antioxidant called lycopene, which has been shown to prevent some common cancers, and is a great source of vitamin C too. 

7Sweet potatoes are the regular potatoes lost and often forgotten cousin. When you order a loaded baked potato at a restaurant, you are just asking to pack on the pounds with the sour cream, cheese and bacon bits. Instead, try eating a sweet, delicious and filling sweet potato that is low in calories and full with great nutrients like potassium, beta carotene, vitamin C and loads of fiber.

8. Eggs
Although eggs have been tabooed as a high cholesterol food, they are actually one of the healthiest foods when eaten proportionately. Certain studies suggest that eating protein, especially eggs, can keep you more hungry than if you ate a carb-loaded meal. One egg contains only 75 calories, but also has 7 grams of protein and other important nutrients that you need to keep your body strong.

9. Oatmeal

oatmealIf one thing is for certain about oatmeal, eating it in the morning will keep you feeling fuller longer. It is also rich in a slew of healthy benefits such as: fiber, whole-grain oats, water, and its hot. According to most nutritionists, hot foods are better to eat when you are on a diet because they take longer to eat, and because they usually contain a lot of liquid that will help you feel full. Oatmeal is also simple and easy to make, so don't buy the pre-made kind that is usually full of sugars and other additives. Instead, make your own and sweeten with cinnamon (another fat-fighting food mentioned above), nutmeg or honey.
10. Vinegar

Adding vinegar to your salad dressing may actually help fight fat cells, according to recent research. Although the studies have yet to be confirmed, it is believed that vinegar may have ingredients that help the body break down fat. It is also full of flavor and makes your salads taste more satisfying, so you don't go back for more. Also, it is calorie free!

11. Nuts
nutsEating nuts is a great way to curb hunger between meals and they are full of tons of great nutrients! An average nut is high in protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats that can promote weight loss and improve cholesterol levels. It is important to buy nuts that are not salted or roasted, because they are usually soaked in oil that piles the fat back on. Having a handful of nuts daily is a great way to control how much you eat at meals!

12. Beans

Most people shy away from beans because their high carbohydrate content makes them feel sluggish and tired. Well, the belief that beans are a carbohydrate is actually a myth! They are a vegetable, a protein and a great source of fiber that should not be missed in your daily diet. They also help keep you full longer and have very few calories. Beans are a great addition to soups and salads, or they can be mashed up and used as a dip.

13 Lastly my favorite - Green tea where have you been all my life ??

Good to know

I am grateful to begin again a long lengthy road to getting a dream and saving what I love

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

13 visions of Christmas 2015 !!

 A child's view of Pez Santa visiting the manger
 whimsy  which put me in the mind
of my door decoration
 My friends also erected a giant cross in their yard to stand for what they believe in in the world
 My niece Olivia visits Santa on a ice throne

 Former students visit tree farms as I did but in the wild as a youngster
 It is inevitable, the family Christmas photo
 puts me in mind of elves working everywhere

 lights I never see enough

 I'm a true minimalist  so loved fellow bloggers picture
 devouring every cookie that comes my way
 our  Christmas parade
 My nephew's apt tree- I keep calling him Charlie
project for 2016 a sea glass tree




A friend's goat picking out Christmas Pet co food

This photo became famous below because amateur photographer forgot lens cap but look at photo =all else is wonderful!!