Saturday, February 8, 2014

Camera Critters - We looked up and saw a horned owl in an old osprey nest but she has a baby horned owl as well!!

                                                                     not that small


  1. A lovely sight to see Sandy. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow...Sandy, I am so impressed!!

    If you'd like...add this link to my birding photo blog today [the new linking for this week begins Saturday at NOON Texas USA time zone] I know the birders who frequent this meme "The Bird D'Pot" would love your addition.

    the link is
    And the new linking begins at NOON.

  3. Ya, you arrived too early ... last week's linking was closed.
    NOW the new week's linking is open.

  4. Wonderful photos from this wonderful mum and baby owl!

  5. Wow - I didn't know they took over old nests! Lovely pictures - they're such odd looking things when young, aren't they?


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