Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter plates of fun

 Saw this cake on 5 different sits , must be a favorite

An excellent reference

all my life I've had this extra sense about people and precipative events

. Getting in touch with the wisdom that lies within and listening to the guidance that follows might allow you to use this information to make the choices that are best fo r us.(not always sigh ) Should you notice a feeling surrounding a situation or event today perhaps you can quietly sit with the feeling. If you imagine that your sensations have a voice, you might ask that voice what it is trying to tell you. Following the advice you get from within could lead you to make decisions based on what the inner reaches of your soul desire rather than on the external factors that tend to influence you.

Our perceptions of the world are based on so much more than physical impressions. Becoming more aware of this fact allows us to use all the resources available to us to gather information about the world around us. This makes it easier for us to act in a way that helps us grow and develop. When we listen to our inner guides, we connect to that part of our soul that needs to be heard, and we become attuned to our true font of wisdom. By paying attention to all of your feelings—both physical and intuitive—you will fulfill the needs of your spirit today.

My problem is that I alway stry again, do not so much learn the first time . It's life giving the universe a second and maybe third chance.

Things I adore

so many lovely Easter flowers in stores and about

I am grateful for a cold snap so invigorating

Thursday, March 28, 2013

13 happenings that made me feel good this past week.

1- I was able to work some Spring Break and got a big start on house cleaning even though I am ill..

2-When my ignition locked , I was able to figure it out although quite nervous

3- I've had strange reactions and was ill lately and my friend Leslie made me homemade chicken soup and a care package of gas money, Claritin, food and dog treats !!

4- My coach friend gave me a microwave to use until mine comes.

5- My son's godfather sent me a lovely religous St Patrick's card.

6 My teacher friend sent me a funny funny St Pat's card and I have it nearby and howl intermittently  and received 2 Easter cards and gifts,

7- Thrift shops have been very kind to me

8- My son got me an item I need for early Mother's Day gift.

9-When I finished this years tutoring hours with student Sally(11)_, she said "I love you" 

10 -I'm loving my new ebay items jewelry from auctions

11- I discovered the hard way that my body no longer tolerates fragrances in detergents etc so it's all Free and Clear  from now on..

12 I was able to encourage some others through hard times this week.

13  Someone said something unkind to me , really unkind and my friend said things to salve my  saddness, and made me laugh .

Here is a former student Pete from my 7th period class

He has a job as a Miami Dolphins photogragher .poor guy can see how rough his job is   hahaahah I'm thrilled for this special  young man 4 years now  check out the grin-- suck it in Pete!!

Things I adore

Our firemen fed baseball players who came a great distance to play baseball- STEAK Dinners they cooked !!!

I am grateful for games of learning played with students

Rewards Easter Candies