Saturday, April 29, 2017

More sharing of Camera Critters

 Zemira in Latvia has a new pet (felted toy not real but looks it huh ??

 Tiggy inWales loves ice cream

 My friends visited Honduras and played with sloths  claws and all

Italian greyhounds love to sleep together 

 Dasiy in NC EASTER
Mom was exploring the  well and ran into a bat

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Intense Colors and rare beings = 13 Amazing ones

This rare breed is completely black, from head to toe. Incredibly, its meat, bones, and organs are also black. In fact its considered a luxury breed. Just one chicken fetches between $2000 to $2500
The purple snail feeds on jellyfish at bottom of the ocean and changes from female to male during its lifetime.
Ringneck very venomous snake of Southwest US , paralyzes prey  lizards in seconds
Nicabar large pigeon
Orchid mantis of Southeast Asia - fascinated me because it looks so much like the orchid
Cobalt blue tarantula  - painful bite

pink robin  males only  - tiny
This frog has attracted much attention for one main reason - its incredible mating colors. A male Indian Bullfrog will turn bright yellow with bright blue vocal sacs. It is also believed that this frog is capable of jumping on the surface of the water, as they would on land, when they are frightened.

panda ant not an ant
Red cheeked cordon bleu finch

Halloween Moon Crab- Southwest   USand Mexico, mostly land returning to water seldom
pink katydid the only one I've actually seen up close,  sounds like katy did what katy did
orchid mantis  phenomenal blend

poodle moth

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Camera Critters Friends share their critters

 I lost my 20   year old Italian Greyhound  Vonni Karrina , last of a line of 11, (
Pinky my 20 yr old cat  is my super friend now )
 Daisy belongs to a friend in NC.  roams many acres - here are her special places/

   Friend's daughter turned 18  here she is with friends
 I lost my 20   year old Italian Greyhound  Vonni Karria , last of a line of 11, (looking for a seal grey if anyone sees none )_ this week.She loved all animals   so here are a few  and especially  she loved Pinky .

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Camera Critters from many friends

 Daisy in NC and new friend
 Jaidee trying horses at 8 months
 My favorite dog in Latvia I want so badly and his little guy
 Aslyn learned to rope also
 My botanist friend opened his field map here in Fl, deluged by frogs
 Aslyn is a competing cowgirl at 4
owl at dusk on water