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Camera critters and Pets forever Little friends with new little puppies--Sandy wanted an italian greyhound but did not get one Sandy is sad.

13 forms of art work

finger tip painting
food art

object art

object art

Today's Flowers poinsettia trees- blessed Christmas

Camera critters and Pets Forever--my friend in Latvia makes these -find the real puppies

Can you spot the real ones??

camera critters and Pets Forever

 royal antelope my favorite


want to go here  outstanding photo

 holidays just make me smile
 or maybe a little grinchy
 Everyone  dresses up
 the real me
 owl or pinecone

 My hair most days

 a different kind of aurora
 famous flying dog

 from a  Floridian a real snowbird

Today's Flowers growing pine trees at the moment

Camera Critters My little dog Gingy 2 pounds was given to me at Christmas 9 years ago by a student

greatest little man ever

Camera Critters extras Pets always