Saturday, July 30, 2016

Camera Critters #433 I cannot do this young man justice with words alone but maybe I will reach some hearts.

Jack was the grandson of one of my high school teachers. For 3 of his 4 years , he fought cancer in various hospitals , the type that turns bones to  tumors in vital places.and vice versa..He always dressed as his favorite character Spider Man .He had so  so many treatments .I know his family is aching to   bury him right now  because they wanted a cure so badly but I bet they are equally glad he is not suffering.He could not play even with his" make a wish "leggos the last week.He was named a master builder by Lego corporation.Camera Critters  bloggers the last week of his life, Jack said he wanted a gray chihuahua .What would make a 4 year old think of gray?? so someone drove from Wva to Nc and another to Maryland and another donated toys bowls etc and he got his doggies for a week.Now they comfort his mother and grandmother ..He named them Piper and Violet - pretty darn creative for a little guy ..Now my sister tells me the coach's son is almost gone at age 2 .I cannot understnd this  absurdity in life  but only can guess that little Jack taught all of us how to be braver in his short life ..His 300,000 plus followers loved him and we embrace his puppies.His Angelic presence came here to teach us all to be valiant  like a Super hero !!

 Piper  age 8 weeks and Violet 3 months  share his sweet spirit !!!  Jack Rollins Superhero with Violet and Piper left us July 19, 2016.  barely age 5 ..

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I am grateful for hope, prayer and faith

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Today's flowers growing up favorites from Wva farm


 new variety sunflower
 wildflower median
 North Carolina wildflower shed decorations
 wild azalea