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Camera Critters 395 I've decided to always shake out my shoes from now on!!

funny camera critters and Pets Always extras eating my pumpkin birthday cake

Thursday 13 - a look at decorative sushi

This girl and guy my son Cade 42 and 13 year old granddaughter Mara Grace love Sushi   ;so here are some you might enjoy- sushi means sour and Japanese of course are all about presentation!!

pre Thanksgiving funnies that really made me laugh

today's flowers- My yard orchid trees in bloom

Camera Critters Handsome turns 21

Pets Always and Camera Critters extras

Camera Critters-Am grateful he came back was gone 3 days and after so many losses this year I could not take it

Bitty Bopper Kessler

Pets Always and Camera Critters Extras

I am grateful for my friends especially the steadfast

Thursday 13 Giant Glass blown flowers of Jason Gamrath

Jason Gamrath is a talented glass blower living in Seattle. He specializes in creating beautiful, life-like flowers, in scales running from life-size to giant. His works are custom made and sold internationally. He creates anything from colorful fly catchers to gorgeous orchids. I love art that imitates nature, and these are a beautiful example.

a little humor window washer