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Today's Flowers 47 blooms blooms all year

Camera Critters Texas Rescue found her dog Viola how blessed and lucky!!!

Camera Critters and Pets Always Extras

Camera Critters sorry for the long shot but this was taken near me in Fl when a Bobcat family was lounging near the water love the photo

made me guffaw camera critters and Pets always

13 sayings from Children's Literature that follow us throughout Life


Today's flowers Rangoon Creeper

Yep met a real unicorn on my birthday

Camera Critters and pets always extras

Gingy is now 9 I could not love anyone more , a gift from a student - Camera Critters

camera critters and Pets Always Extras

 meet my new unicorn friend

I am grateful for friends on my birthday

13 artistic drawings with common everyday objects I met up with a little girl 14 who was drawing as she learned a French word so it prompted this post

funny or not ??