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Today's flowers- my house Florida Spring Lake

Camera Critters 386 at one year of age Yancey Rose Sundance has become a lover, lizard tracker and cat harasser

Camera Critters and Pets Forever Extras

Camera Critters and Pets Forever 386 Handsome one of the oldest and best of the ?felines

 praying for more Royal Canine Feline Response!!

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extras

making me chuckle a lot !! 13 comics- 2 other [posts failed BOOOOOO

 **No one gets this and I think it is hilarious  and I've had an awful week !!

Today's Flowers

Camera Critters 385 Her days are almost over at 22 Chiara I'm very proud of the life she lived 16 years with me - first years 6 in a puppy mill I gave her the best i had - a rescue that cheered me so

Chiara  very special girl cheerful in Italian and she was

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extras

Camera Critters 385 2 posts today here and below Average temp here 96 with no relief in sight what's a brother to do ??

Camera Critters 385 I'm not in favor of killing but it is a short gator season.This is a few blocks from my house and a former student Summer age 31 , dart and harpoon

It is also bear season here  ugh

Pets Forever and Camera Critters Extras