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Today's Flowers

When dogs live together for awhile .They cannot stand to be alone and kiss and hug each morning here are mine

Papi chulo, Vivvi and Honey Dancer  all rescue dogs 3 - 2 and 20 yrs.

Pets Forever Camera Critters Extras

Camera Critters- My friend had this guy fly into her pool screen (a common Fla occurrence )uninjured he performed for awhile

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extras

13 tips I have only tried a few courtesy of baba mail - always like to share and learn

Make pimples go away with the ibuprofen gel. Just cut off the head of the jelly pill, and use as acne cream.  Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory agent and the alcohol in the liquid opens the pores of your skin so it enters more quickly. In Japan they actually use it as acne medicine in the form of an ointment.
Did you know that you can make cake out of ice cream? Mix two cups of ice cream in any flavor with a cup and a half of self-rising flour. Mix until dough is formed and bake in a rectangle baking pan in 180 degrees until it browns. Lick to see if it's good, and believe me, it will be! Make sure the self-rising dough you pick isn't too salty.
Losing focus? Brush your teeth. If you feel like you need a break and your eyes are glazing over, wash your face and brush your teeth. That feeling of cleanliness will reawaken you quite effectively.   I'm always teaching kids re focus techniques
pillows flat - lay in sun for awhile (I'm assuming depends on what made of ))
These t…

Today's flowers in my yard Wildflowers and Four o'clocks and musical notes and Breynias

Camera Critters Handsome has been very upset by my leaving and I am struggling to keep him healthy

Pets Always and Camera Critters Extras

My little Vivvi , a puppy mill rescue of 16 yearsago follows me everywhere - while in hospital fighting for my life, one of my pets died.I will probably not recover entirely - very painful

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extras

Thursday 13 - 13 Animals you may or may not know fascinating nonetheless

Ring tailed cats
Saiga Antelope

Blue Dragon Sea slug

I love them the dik -diks full size

Japanese Spider Crab

Bearded Vulture

Panda Ant
Snub nosed monkey
Okapi fairly   common compared to others
Mantis Shrimp
Flying snake  saw this guy in a movie scared me to death
Prehistoric and now Frilled Shark
Chinese water deer- beware the teeth