Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sesame Street - A, You're Adorable

13 wondrous nice things that happend to me this week !!*

1- A little boy Jesus who has Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity  Disorder  who may at any moment scream, fold his arms and have a fit, finally after 4 visits decided my quiet voice was safe and gave me a toy for my cat and a note that read "I love you ""( as with many of these children  casted as such , he is extremely bright"I sang to him a quiet song A your'e adorable B you're so beautiful C you're a cutie full of charm " at the bottom of this page.

2-I have been unable to chop down trees and do yard work due to hospital stay in January , so a church group involving 20 men  made a caravan of trucks, lined my street Saturday morning and in a  an hour of Christian service  cleaned my entire yard of trees, brush , shrubs  and made my life healthier.Now I plant again brand new .I felt so empowered and touched and blew kisses and heart gestures to all as I went off to my errands . It was such a powerful display to me **I'
ll never forget it as they all hugged me and said no worries, deputies , tree service , lawn  men = quite moving..

3-My friends asked me to come over. They gave me a demo on a new appliance , allowed me to  copy on their printer and gave my dogs a new hairbrush  and a new toy .

4- I have a boy struggling in higher math .He is  a hard to reach child and I'm not reaching him, so I asked a friend one of many I had approached. All had excuses except him. In his very Christian way , he said of course**

5-I never buy myself anything , I live with ancient falling apart things, but when my son was here , he got me a new tv, lounge chair, sparkling blouse, 2 hummingbird feeders and weights for Mothers Day ..His visit was the real gift **

6- Recently friends for long durations must be getting tired of me  along with some relatives because they never have time to talk or do little things,( time is so precious to all ) I am so treasuring the ones who do talk and  invite me - isn't that what friendship is ??

7- One of the greatest social events for me  is taking tickets at local sports. We have a new athletic director and I was not sure he wanted me so I approached   the coaches who resoundingly said oh yes we want you back. We are very happy with you .I begin my 15th year .

8- I seem to be a little stronger though 97 degrees and I am bothered by heat so far so good,

9- My very old air conditiner is working a little .

10-Little succulents hens and chicks types are  multiplying like crazy in my garden  sheer fun for me **

11-We begin baseball district play this week. Like a true baseball superstitionist I will wear the luckiest outfit I have .

12-I tend to hide when not feeling well guarding myself and the fact that I'm resting and house needs work, but I am starting to open up and  be more free about inviting people no matter how much work remains

13- I start every day moreso than ever feeling very very blessed.( and using those weights )I've consistently lost 60 pounds over a year  last 10 is hard.

]A  quadruple rainbow in New York is always a wondrous thing !![

I have to be oh so careful

Such a clever frame idea

making me laugh a lot

I adore this message

I'm so grateful for bird sounds awakening early am

Thursday, April 16, 2015

13 reasons to drink Green tea

source baba mail - I have loved every tea you can imagine .Until last year lemongrass mint was my favorite , but suddenly I was tired of it and I began reading the many advantages of green tea which I drink with ginseng and honey ..Hope these reasons appeal to you .They certainly help my health.