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13 vimrods I hope make you cackle

teasing of course

Today's Flowers I wish I was here walking

Camera Critters-My retired principal friend decided to put bird houses in their barn, a splendid idea especially for barn swallows but she got this Barn Owl super !!

Camera Critters and Pets Forever Extras

Camera Critters 368 - in a former priest's office was Simon and Jude the stray cats, Jude passed on many years hence but Simon greets my sons godfather every visit - lives in priest's office

Camera Critters 368 and Pets Forever

Coming home from groomer  with summer looks My Zvi self black  9 , and Zarah age 7  black and white happy now 

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extras

Sesame Street - A, You're Adorable

13 wondrous nice things that happend to me this week !!*

1- A little boy Jesus who has Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity  Disorder  who may at any moment scream, fold his arms and have a fit, finally after 4 visits decided my quiet voice was safe and gave me a toy for my cat and a note that read "I love you ""( as with many of these children  casted as such , he is extremely bright"I sang to him a quiet song A your'e adorable B you're so beautiful C you're a cutie full of charm " at the bottom of this page.

2-I have been unable to chop down trees and do yard work due to hospital stay in January , so a church group involving 20 men  made a caravan of trucks, lined my street Saturday morning and in a  an hour of Christian service  cleaned my entire yard of trees, brush , shrubs  and made my life healthier.Now I plant again brand new .I felt so empowered and touched and blew kisses and heart gestures to all as I went off to my errands . It was such a powerful display to me *…

I have to be oh so careful

Such a clever frame idea

making me laugh a lot

I adore this message

Flowers blooming now orchid tree

Cametra critters 367 and Pets Forever

My tiny  animal lover Ashlyn and the heeler ..Grandad's

Camera Critters and Pets Forever Extras

I'm a greyhound owner - stymied because I thought black was called self black??

Camera Critters 367 Pets Forever At the end of my street a block away 2 horned owl sentries

Pets forever and Camera Critters Extras so good to know

I am grateful my cat Handsome is coming out of 2 monnths allergies to 2 flea meds

13 reasons to drink Green tea

source baba mail - I have loved every tea you can imagine .Until last year lemongrass mint was my favorite , but suddenly I was tired of it and I began reading the many advantages of green tea which I drink with ginseng and honey ..Hope these reasons appeal to you .They certainly help my health.