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Today's Flowers blooming in Highlands county Florida

Camera Critters 364

Jerboa is such a fascinating animal almost as small as my Gingy

Camera Critters and Pets Always Extras

Cameras Critters #364 cat's day at my house allow me to introduce you

 Handsome nearly 20

TToppy above and Lovey 16

Kissipurr  16 above and Mello  age 10 
 Pinky nearing 18
 Bitty Bopper  18
Dolce Pretty Girl a deaf cat  - age 20

Camera Critters and Pets Always Extras

Hey Ladies here I am !!

My favorite 13 ways to relieve stress

Stress is a killer pure and simple . Until lately stress pretty much ruled my life. Even though I have great faith I always worried and got stressed for no good reason . Bottom line I was trying to lose weight and I read where people hold in stress they have a roll around middle- do not breathe deeply enough!! I am still sometimes stressed and pay a physical price always  ..But here  are some favorite ways to relieve stress and live happier , healthier.
1.** Take a deep breath. As simple as that sounds, deep breaths reduce the amount of cortisol, which can help release stress and anxiety. So next time you feel overwhelmed, take some deep breaths.
combining these 2 . >>Meditation: The best thing about meditation is that it allows the brain to relax for a bit and so decreases the overthinking we do and the stress that comes with it. Give your mind a well needed break.
 adding this .<<Retreat to your imagination: Imagine a peaceful scene, and let calm wash over you. If it doesn&…

Watch out for snakes - They are everywhere

Today's flowers Spring at last

Camera Critters Pets Always

Throughout the year I've shown you 2 year old Ashley who adores life on the farm - here she is again proving on a hot summer day Farm Life is GREAT!!

Camera Critters and Pets always Extras

another funny

Camera Critters and Pets Always 363

 In Spring, Florida gators walk everywhere seeking  mates. I live near  a pond, canal and lake..

I have a huge hole in my yard and I want it to be a burrowing owl but fear it is an armadillo

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extras

Thursday 13 - Glamor Shots we've been playing a facebook game of old glamor shots and I decided to post a few Dame Edna has my vote!!

Ah the ravages and changes of time !!

Had to post it makes me laugh

Camera critters -= a puppy no more Yancey Rose Sundance will be a year old in May