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Camera Critters Took my golden puppy Yancey Rose Sundanese out for a walk in rain - I love how she closes her eyes soon will be a year old

Camera Critters and Pets Always Extras

making me laugh

Thursday 13- Thirteen things I'm thinking about

1- I've just lost 3 relatives and 2 friends in the space of 2 months ..It's almost too much .

2- I got sick and nearly died at Christmas was down 8 weeks,organs quit, started out like flu though I have had lymphoma, and they really do not know what caused it . For a long time when I came home, I was scared..That is not like me and now I'm beginning to relax some  though life happenings repairs etc have been enormous.2015 appears to be quite challenging .I want a holiday do over ..

3- I adore hummingbirds and cannot wait to see all of them again soon, though one was here at Brazilian sunflowers the day I came home.

4- I know they will give a mechanical explanation but this photo of my home town Clarksburg, Wva  taken 1954 I swear it has 3 ghosts in it near the bank wall. what do you think??
5-Did you use any Algebra today .?I'm teaching it to a boy and thinking gee I wish this was consumer math and cell phone minutes or  gallons of gas something he will need in life  I teac…

Had to share this marvelous cartoon by Unearthed

Camera Critters

A friend sent me this photo of a most unique bird-squirrel feeder.When I lived in north , I was always making birdseed balls, fresh fruit etc and tying to a lovely blue spruce and leaving lots of warm water.

Here is my special yard friend  whom I love dearly. 

Today's Flowers I planted a small stick 3 months ago and now my strawberry hibiscus blooms almost every day

Camera Critters

My crew left to right Vivvi 20, Vonnie Karinna 19 Pharoah 10 Papi chulo 4 , Honey Dancer4

Camera Critters and Pets Always Extras

all summer I showed you a retired barrel racer and his little protege Ashlyn, Sadly the horse died this week. a long and illustrious life

adieu sweet prince
 apparently my cat Handsome is not in too good of a mood 

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extrs

 This cat has a wiry eyebrow condition

Thursday 13 13 unusual modes of transportation

 I have a friend who helped invent this with Scotchguard co - another patent was first

Students made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast at High School

Newly [planted 3 one did not make it but is spraying seeds for next year maybe Today's Flowers

Camera Critters and Pets Always Face to face with a terrapin

Camera Critters and pets forever extras