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Camera Critters- My 9 year old Borzoi Zvi was operated on nearly a month ago..hoping for the very best

Pets Always and Camera Critters Extras

Paper Art Scenes Thursday 13

People too is the name of a Russian artistic agency that specilizies in paper-craft, to such an extent, as to create huge scenes that seem to convey a world made of paper. Aritsts Lena Erlikh and Aleksey Lyapunov are the talent behind these exquisite pieces, that depict everyday life in a very non-ordinary way! 

13 astounding folding paper artworks from Russian artists named above- I can fold a box learned in geometry in grade school but this wow !!

Today's flowers in my yard

Camera Critters This week I met the red maple moth - quite a Broadway kind of moth !!

Camera Critters and Pets forever Extras

Camera Critters - A friend and former student got a new puppy this week .Super cute

Camera Critters and Pets forever Extras

Thursday 13- Do these footbridges scare you??

When I was a little girl, we lived for a spell  in a house belonging to my uncle ..In inclement weather , the only way to get to it was by  foot over a  one person at a time swinging bridge over the Elk river in Wva. My wonderful grandparents and aunt navigated that   swinging  bridge held with rope in order to bring us food and [presents ..How brave they were  and city dwellers.Here are some terrifying  bridges around the world .Imagine carrying boxes over these??

Viet Nam


Ours looked like this below but no handrails or ropes