Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday 13- Thirteen things I'm thinking about

1- I've just lost 3 relatives and 2 friends in the space of 2 months ..It's almost too much .

2- I got sick and nearly died at Christmas was down 8 weeks,organs quit, started out like flu though I have had lymphoma, and they really do not know what caused it . For a long time when I came home, I was scared..That is not like me and now I'm beginning to relax some  though life happenings repairs etc have been enormous.2015 appears to be quite challenging .I want a holiday do over ..

3- I adore hummingbirds and cannot wait to see all of them again soon, though one was here at Brazilian sunflowers the day I came home.

4- I know they will give a mechanical explanation but this photo of my home town Clarksburg, Wva  taken 1954 I swear it has 3 ghosts in it near the bank wall. what do you think??
 5-Did you use any Algebra today .?I'm teaching it to a boy and thinking gee I wish this was consumer math and cell phone minutes or  gallons of gas something he will need in life  I teach that too.

5- I love sports and the baseball coach is a former student and so good to me .

6-I wish the cold and gray would lift for Northerners . When I lived there I was forever planting bulbs and doing creative things to fight the cold  and gray.

7- I loved seeing my son at Christmas but miss him terribly in between..At 42 he will always be a little   boy to me .

8-I juice every morning  costly but  I believe it sends nutrients to your organs faster, usually carrot juice , veggie blend of 11  veggies and garlic, cantaloupe, hone
ydew , or watermelon,

9  The cat pictured has a wiry long hair disease starts with trich is all I remember but isn't it fascinating ??

-2015 is the year of de clutter.. I have sent a lot to  rummages etc but still I cannot find a spare set of keys  oh my 
I am currently cleaning out jewelry and giving to my nieces and granddaughter.

11-  I adore this cartoon   left because we are squarely in the  birds of prey area 

12  You can still buy a gorgeous home on the water in Sebring, Florida for $200,000  I'm looking for country ,,

13.My Faith is stronger than ever due to many recent circumstances!!

Had to share this marvelous cartoon by Unearthed

I am grateful for sports and tutoring to keep me so busy

Monday, February 23, 2015

Camera Critters

A friend sent me this photo of a most unique bird-squirrel feeder.When I lived in north , I was always making birdseed balls, fresh fruit etc and tying to a lovely blue spruce and leaving lots of warm water.

Here is my special yard friend  whom I love dearly.