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Camera critters and Pets Love Extras

Camera Critters funny

Todays flowers Thank you

My dog Zvi had 30 stitches out from cancer surgery this week -prayer for no return - so brave Camera Critters

Camera Criters Extras

Happy Weekend

13 Gifts so far this year. I am a low maintenance person - seldom buy but love all I receive

1- A long time friend sent me a special message  magnet for my refrigerator 

2-Another friend sent me $20.00 for gas and scratch off tickets  (something needed that I would not get for myself - boo I did not win )

3- A former student 50 years ago sent me a new calendar  and pens and stamps and stickers for writing and a pile of coupons 

4-My athletic director got me $ 150 .00  in grocery store gift cards

5- My friend gave me a velvety  purple  orchid  gorgeous 

6 My mortgage co reduced my mortgage

7- My son gave me a gift of a visit  '

8- My friend in Lakeland knows my love of hummingbirds and sent a new hummingbird calendar 

My coach got me the same devotional book I gave to others

10 My mother sent me money 

11- My God I hope will send me the gift of help as I go into Urgent Care tomorrow cancer

12-I gave myself the gift of a natural beauty Christmas

 live trees and live ornaments I will plant after holiday 

13-My Savior gave me the gift of love and faith 

Hope you and yours embrace the holi…

I love the hump day I get more playful as weekend comes - playing with illness

Calling out all my super powers 

It takes a secure person to post these holiday looks

Things I adore beautiful Christmas cards, orchid, magnet, calendar and money so appreciated all and a great book

more of my holiday looks

My many Christmas looks but seriously- ill real bad

Today's flowers - starting to build live trees with live ornament s 5 ftooters cannot move those big big trees anymore

a long ways to go 

Camera Crittes Little rescue dog I call Abbey Avery Avery means little elf - she has deformed feet.Let me make her life happy

Camera Critters and Pets Always Extras Have a critter Sandwich