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Today's Flowers in Florida 80 next 5 days

Pets Extras Camera Critters and Pets Always

Pets always and Camera Critters

Shout up a prayer or two or 100 .My dear Zvi has cancer surgery Wednesday

Camera Critters - Fun with my new big sis in fenced in yard Zarah and Yancey Rose Sundance

CCamera Critters Extra - I found this project this week and its so neat clear out an old entertainment center for your pet

Hello weekend you wonderful friend !!

Thursday 13 - Landscape Art I'm all excited for live ornaments on my tree this year and equally as thrilled with this gorgeous landscape art

Have a glorious day contemplating your blessings

Manatee is bringing the salad

what a clown

Excellent advice

Angels flying close to the ground

Cameras Critters Yancey Rose Sundance, aka Poppet , My Girl, Kezzie and Lindy May is now 6 months old

Today's Flowers I'm getting super excited as I'm having live plants on my smaller Christmas trees this year - stand by

Brazilian Sunflower I have near 2000 blooms now  4 times a year

Camera Critters Pets always Extras

Camera Critters - The cats do not get a lot of press inside and out on porch- here they are ages - 11 to 20

Actually you rarely know they are here  Darlin
 Evigny Mimue
 Bitty Bopper

Camera Critters -Pets always extras

so so cute

Thursday 13 Pictures with incredible stories

 Bailey's circus 1924

 Mobster Al Capone and son get an autograpgh

Piping onward in World War I  out of the trenches