Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday 13-Can you find any owls ?/Here in Spring Lake , they are always watching me and rarely can I see them . I love the owls - For fun I sent you an owl butterfly !!


The gift of disappointment is to bring us into reality so we don’t get stuck in the realm of how things might have been.

Whenever we do something in life with an expectation of how we’d like it to turn out, we risk experiencing disappointment. When things don’t go the way we had envisioned, we may feel a range of emotions from slightly let down to depressed or even angry. We might direct our feelings inward toward ourselves, or outward toward other people or the universe in general. Whether we feel disappointed by ourselves, a friend, or life in general, disappointment is always a tough feeling to experience. Still, it is a natural part of life, and there are many ways of dealing with it when we find ourselves in its presence.

As with any feeling, disappointment has come to us for a reason, and we don’t need to fear acknowledging it or feeling it. The more we are able to accept how we are feeling and process it, the sooner we will move into new emotional territory. As we sit down to allow ourselves to feel our disappointment, we might want to write about the experience of being disappointed—the situation that preceded it, what we were hoping would happen, and what did happen??? not for me 

. The gift of disappointment is its ability to bring us into alignment with reality so that we don’t get stuck for too long in the realm of how things might have been.

As we consider other disappointments in our life and how we have moved past them, we may even see that in some cases what happened was actually better in the long run than what we had wanted to happen. Disappointment often leaves us feeling deflated with its message that things don’t always turn out the way we want. The beauty of disappointment, though, is that it provides us a bridge to its other side where the acceptance of reality, wisdom, and the energy to begin again can be found.

I deal with a lot of disappointment as I age and I handle it better every time   you ???????

Clever owl hand art

My 41 year old son Cade went as high five to his daughter's Halloween party - hahah

After 6 years of relationships and jobs, and a missionary tour , 2 of my former students have found each other. It's a great feeling to know that two really Christian loving young people have fallen in love

Things I adore Sports coming up wrestling, Girls and Boys basketball and baseball

I am grateful for the thrill of tournament competition