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Camera Critters - a very special story

My former intern and  a dear friend found a cat mauled by a dog and not doing well. they called me and  I gave them a cat rescue who did not help , me a week ago either so they decided to keep the little guy named Kyo . Here are some happy kitten photos . I am so proud of these girls .

Camera Critters and Pets Forever extras

Happy Friday and weekend !! I'm working entire weekend

Thursday 13 - 13 pieces of artwork made from tools - I made a bird from trowels once haha

As I approach job D day I need more and more levity

Early requirement learn to swim and protect oneself in waters in Florida - here a friends wonderful grandchild

a tad of humor and ...

The thing about Florida is bananas spoil so fast

Start holiday off with me thinking about weight despite not saying it I never take these vets for granted - always pride

Highlighting former student Jenn who as a youngster already loved animals .she's now 40 and the owner of a fluffy cat Trinni

My new golden retriever is almost here. Names have been bantied around.My sister is pushing for Maisie as are others,. In the running in Lynnea, Lissa, Livvi, Lori, Dori, Kyndra, Kiri, Glory , Dazzle , Gildy,Ginny , Mandy, Mindy, Lindy  , Chibi, Chavi, Gwinnie, Ginny ,  Goombah (more for a boy this is a girl)sheshi and uh oh YANCEY Sundance !!??

Camera Critters and Pets Always extras