Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday 13 13 food related monuments you might want to visit this summer or some time

Outside my town,Clarksburg, Wva., there used to be a huge sign of Bossy the cow whose eyes moved from side to side -gone with age,Then near my grandparents home, was a giant Amish figure marking the start of Amish counties.You know at fairs and carnivals, the giant  in the sky telling you you have arrived. I've selected 13 plus that you might not be acquainted with across the country  and in Australia and Canada..Enjoy  (I'm a little tired of all the gators and oranges in Fl)
Staton, Iowa has reason for the 1971 construction of this colorful water tower coffee pot. It was the home of actress Virginia Christine, who starred in many Folgers’ coffee commercials as Mrs. Olson
            Coffs Harbor, Australia

                      Built for the  Michigan State Fair in Detroit  1958  stove
                                     Lemon Grove, Calif
Towards the end of World War I, Cornelia, Georgia was known for its apple orchards. In an act of apple orchard pride, the town had this steel stature erected in 1925 at their local train station. It weighs around 5,200 pound
                                           Castroville, Calif. first Artichoke queen was Marilyn Monroe 1948
          Until the 1950’s, Winlock, Washington, was the second largest egg-producing town in America. The egg was created in 1923 using canvas, as part of the celebration of the opening of the Pacific Highway. It was replaced with a plastic egg in 1944, then a fiberglass egg in the ‘60’s. In 1993, it was replaced again, by a local chicken farmer named Vern Zander
Brunswick, Missouri a new strain of pecan - Pecan Festival
                                                        Olivia , Minnesota atop a gazebo
                                                    a favorite  water towers  Lexington, Ky Dixie
                          don't worry they keep that giant popcorn ball in a shed  Sac City, Iowa
Australia  entrance to Tropical world 
Luling , Texas watermelon  water tower

Things I adore fresh fish with butter and lemon

I am grateful for friends to celebrate birthdays with