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I have now lived long enough to realize

that each new year will have ups and downs..It's how we handle them with grace and gratitude for our lives that makes the difference .As I age I find that stress renders me  into illness so I try to take  all with a peaceful approach.

Some say this is the year of

 completion .This would thrill me to death ..I have many many projects afloat..

Anyhow to you and yours let's face our daily trials with grace and dignity , being kinder and more loving along the way ..Blessed 2014 !!

Today's Flowers orchid trees

Camera Critters Nothing thrills me more and makes me laugh than the ambitious attempts of dogs and sticks

Camera Critters and Pets Always Humor

Tell me do I look thinner in stripes ?? Camera Critters

Camera Critters and Pets Always Humor

Is this what he wished for for Christmas ??

Lovin my Fridays !!

Thursday 13 - What I adore about Christmas

- ***One collective heartbeat


**aromas of pine and cooking

stories to tell**

**preparing with happy anticipation


the loving**

songs in the air-  as a child the Salvation Army bells on cold wintry streets**

**carols- we don't carol enough anymore


**surprises- elves left things on my doorstep


A child is born who will save the world **

A student went to a Christmas party similar to ugliest sweater I thought was cute

Christmas southern Style

Christ the Savior is Born

a problem at my house

our girls basketball team is 15- 3 boys 6-2 and wrestlers excellent a joy to see hard work

Shoe attack rather slipper attack Wow !!

My little cousin Olivia rockin a new hat

This artwork is by the ever popular Ray Caesar My friends hate it but I sort of like its unique quality

Today's flowers orchid trees hundreds of blooms

Camer a Critters and Pets Always the puppy millers just the way they were found 14 years ago the pyramid of dogs - Vivvi- Voni Karina , and Chiara

Camera Critters and Pets Always humor