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Camera Critters - My time with Jenna is so precious and she has had an amazing , amazing effect on all veterinary people she is so good. praying hard

see how gentle she is with all the dogs  Papi forefront and little Gingy also

Camera Critters and Pets Always Humor

Thursday 13 I earmarked this months ago at Kentucky Derby - my favorite 13 hats !!

a new school year and a new volleyball team !!

I team taught with this man on the left, now a principal of a juvenile facility

He has a doctorate and could teach anywhere but chooses to reach hard to deal with kids...inspiring really..Recently they had a big damaging riot . He was not there but I can hear his calm voice  asking things like was it worth it ??


Trying to be grateful for every single second - have been extremely sick with infections

Today's Flowers

Camera Critters and Pets always humor

Camera Critters and Pets Forever Jenna and I both real sick

Camera Critters We need a big miracle Jenna LLammee and me

Camera Critters and Pets Forever Humor

Happy Friday one and all !1

me too

Thursday 13-A relatively new art form is outdoor graffiti with nature intertwined.Here are 13 favorites Thursday 13

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

From The Secret Daily TeachingsThe fastest way to receive is to give, because giving starts the reciprocal action of receiving. We all receive according to how much we give. Give the best of you everywhere you go. Give a smile. Give thanks. Give kindness. Give love.
Your giving should be a giving without expectation of return - a giving for the sheer joy of it.May the joy be with you,

Twins trying to cheer me