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a little Mario dance on hump day more posts below

just the thought is funny

My young friend quite a fish collector stared at this red fishg for a long while trying to name it and then he realized it isn't real hAH

just about right this day and age

OUR 19 YR OLDS LOST FIRST Dixie Majors game to Tennessee. then one of our boys won the home run derby . We hope for a big win tomorrow morning

Some cartoons make me laugh days after ...4 posts beloiw today

A teacher is thrilled when her students become happy and successful, 2 of my interns now 25 years old became professional photograghers- 1 for the Miami Dolphons, one for LDS Saluting Pete and Ruth

Today's Flowers Ready to pop 3rd summer blooming dormant winter- Musical Notes

Camer a Critters and Pets Forever a very very old girl Evigny Mimue age 23 a few months back almost gone

Camer Critters and Pets Always Humor

Camera Critters a trip to my park a block away

Camera Critters and Pets Forever Humor

The Florida everyday occurence

Friday Funster

Thursday 13 13 new ice cream favorites

The infamous ice cream burger
parakeet ice cream  Japan

ramen ice cream

bacon ice cream
green pea ice cream
lobster ice  cream
sweet corn ice cream garlic
sausage ice cream and peas
cucumber ice crea