Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thursday 13

Someone so special - - in an instant

Last weekend was the prom at our school. The 2 pictured   were romantic chaperones. After knowing each other for years and years and the death to cancer of her husband some years ago, they fell in love .They are 2 adored people , a vice principal and an award winning math teacher, Friday afternoon on a busy highway in our town, close to his new home, in an instant , a lady pulled in front of his corvette.The rest has broken our hearts. She was killed instantly , a joyful 61 year old spirit who had beaten cancer 3 weeks earlier.He would retire this January after a military and  school administrative career. He has not woken up yet .He is finally breathing on his own though still on life support. He has massive facial and brain injuries and the entire town is praying .

The reason I write about this is not just because he is a dear dear friend but also to illustrate in a week of Boston, West, etc  how how fragile human life is and what can and does happen in a second!!What troubles me the most is He is such a kind wonderful man, he will be devastated to know he took someone's life.It is a  bleak scenario.Tomorrow at our school is a flagpole service of prayer  and I estimate thousands will attend. He IS extremely well liked.I saw 2 negative comments in the paper, one that he must have been going fast - not so, the other about age 66.These are 2 examples of mouth before brain engaged properly.There were hundreds of positive comments from everywhere. .I have not slept well in 3 days. He means so much to me  and the fatality was also a lovely lady.I pray unceasingly and I rememebr every kindness from both . Isn't that amazing everything is good about them. They lived exemplary lives.!!! I try to think of bads . There are none. Her family does not blame him in slightest nor does community ..Come back to me my friend all the way  back...
                                                                  Resting in Heaven-Victoria
                                                        Prom 4-13-13

2:44  PM Friday 4-19-13