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Thursday 13 13 tips to staying full longer and eating less!!

Satiety (sa-TIE-e-tee) is that wonderfully pleasant feeling of fullness you get as you eat, when you’re no longer hungry, but aren’t overly stuffed or uncomfortable. You are just satisfied beyond desire. The more satisfied you feel after a meal, the less you’ll eat later. So how do you increase satiety without eating MORE?

Eat More Low Density Foods
1Calorie density refers to the number of calories per gram of food. Foods that are HIGH in calorie density contain a high number of calories per gram; foods that are LOW in calorie density contain a low number of calories per gram. Calorie density is the key to feel full without overeating.
When you eat too many calorie dense foods, you’ll end up consuming a lot of calories to fill your belly. If you focus on low calorie density foods, you can fill up on fewer calories because low density foods contain a lot more water, which adds weight and volume to the food, but no calories.

Just drinking a glass of water along with the meal does not provid…

My friends like to drum I have studied and do a lot of tapping sometimes to fall asleep

The rhythm of drumming is easy for our bodies to take in as was the rhythm of our mother's heartbeat.

That rhythm renews us is no secret. Drumming is the oldest form of music on the planet. Virtually every culture that exists or has existed on earth has practiced some form of drumming.  Native American cultures use drumming as a means to reconnect an individual’s mental and physical selves. Throughout history, drumming has been a part of performing rituals, marking significant transitions, and celebrating life’s cycles. Our lives are infused with rhythm beginning at the very moment we first sense our mother’s heartbeat in her womb.

All manner of drumming has the ability to put us in touch with our own natural rhythms, the rhythms of the earth, and the rhythms of the people we choose to drum with. The drum can represent the heart, and drumming awakens the mind while stirring the soul.  Drumming can take you to a place deep inside you where you are keenly aware of your mind and your b…

Snow bunny coping

Surprise Surprise

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Aside from the music I thought the oscars were lack luster this year and why does the white house have anything to do with it ??

Spring is seriously close I hear her knocking

Ok Monday give me your best shot my attitude is right I'm ready to go - a lot to do !!

Todays Flowers Almost over - The white orchid tree!!

My friends indoors and out Camera Critters

Pets Always These characters keep me going all week

Camera Critters and Pets Always Humor

                                                     snake sweater

Camera Critters - Walking around the house this week with my friends

Honey Dancer above got hurt this week 


Pets always My pets this week !!

Pets always and camera Critters humor

I feel I'm being watched by a red tail hawk